Critical Thinking In Health Care Essay

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Critical Thinking
The healthcare environment continually grows fast paced considering the advanced technology, complicated disease methodologies, increasing patient acuity and aging population among the rest. As one of the valuable members of the healthcare, nurses are prompted to equip themselves with critical skills in their daily routine. According to experts Faicine and Faicone and the American Psychological Association; the definition of critical thinking is considered as a “purposeful self-regulatory judgement which results in interpretation, analysis, and conclusion; as well as explanation of the evidential, conceptual, methodological, criteriogical, or contextual considerations upon which judgment is based (Berkow, Virkstis, Stewart,
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Inquisition in verge of learning new things to increase one’s knowledge and understanding. Thirdly, is criticizing an evidence or references of such evidence. Last but not the least, is self-reflection on whether he or she can evaluate evidence that bears decisions. Critical thinking is highly important to health care professionals as it helps them to be competent, safe and knowledgeable practitioners within their professions. It also initiates innovative care which comes from credible judgment from competent clinic professions. Patients have safe outcomes from thorough treatment using critical thinking. Consequently, decisions improve considerable among practitioners with problem solving and clinical judgments. A nurse acquires desired outcomes such as applying standards, analyzing, logical reasoning, information seeking, transforming knowledge and predicting.

Case Study An analysis of critical thinking in clinical competence can be viewed through the case study shown below:

1Mr. Smith is admitted for evaluation of recurrent headaches. A 58-year old retired Army officer he currently works as a tax advisor. On admission, he is alert and oriented x 3. His gait is slow, but steady.

1. What additional assessment data would the nurse like to collect at this point?
Mr. Smith is scheduled for a head CT with contrast.

2. What are the nursing implications for this
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