Critical Thinking Is An Important Asset Of Individuals

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Critical thinking is an important asset of individuals in all career fields. Though the application of the concept is not limited to professionals and leaders, it is most often associated with professional business people and leaders. As a strategic leadership student, I recognize the importance of being a critical thinker. The ability to make the most effective strategic plans, identify conflicts and determine the best resolution, choose the path toward objectives and motivate followers to achieve goals successfully is greatly affected by my ability to use critical thinking. When making decisions, choosing actions, and leading others, it is necessary to gather as much information as possible before moving forward. I cannot make the…show more content…
My team played the part of community members who formed a coalition to achieve a specific goal. I led the team, which was called the Concerned Community Coalition, and it was our job to convince the other team, Hospital Board & Administrator, to redirect funds and reconsider their objectives as they started a multi-million-dollar project to build new facilities. The situation’s complexity made it was necessary to gather information about various elements that ultimately determined how we would strategically plan our negotiation. We used critical thinking to answer questions such as: • What were the specific issues which created conflict? • How can the issues be resolved to meet the needs of both parties? • How will our team begin the process and who will lead the negotiation? • What is the ultimate objective or goal (BANTA) our group is seeking? • What strategies will be used to reach the goals? • How will the opponent perceive our demands and the situation? • What power does our team have and what power does the opponent have? • How can we approach the situation ethically and responsibly? As our team leader, I encouraged the members to carefully analyze the original outcome described in our reading and use it to determine a more effective way to approach the negotiation in our simulated activity. By analyzing the process and approach of the previous negotiation and trying to see the situation from
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