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The Question of Origin
Islam Worldview The beginning of life according to Islam was facilitated by the prophet Muhammad. But,
Islam began long before Muhammad. Muhammad dictated to the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam. The followers of the Islam religion call themselves Muslims. “There is approximately
1.8 billion people that follow the Islam religion. It is the second largest religion in the world”
(Lipka, 2017). Followers of Islam reference God as Allah. According, to the
Islam religion they believe Allah created Adam and from him they created his wife Hawwa
(Eve). Hence, the creation of Adam and Hawwa (Eve) took place over a six day period that
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All humans are considered to be

equivalent. The book of Quran states that humans are above animal creation, but will respect

all life, or will be reduced to the lowest of low and they are whom Allah has rejected. Allah

places the most importance on his humanly creation, but if the human misuses his

responsibility, Allah would place that human below the animal.

Comparing Islam with Biblical Worldview The Christian, or biblical worldview, clearly states that man is superior to animals. This differs significantly from the religion of Islam. In Genesis God reminds Adam and Eve that we are to have “dominion over” the care of other creatures that share life with man. Man must not be careless or wasteful with what God has created. God commanded Adam and Eve to name all animals. The Question of Meaning and Purpose
Islam Worldview The Islamic worldview explains that Allah, made mankind for His purpose. The Quran states in 51:56, “I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship” (Philips, 2006).
The purpose of Man is to carry out Allah’s plan. All acts or good deeds are to be announced because CRITICAL THINKING: ISLAM WORLDVIEW/CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW 4 of Allah’s purpose for man. Mankind is to work and serve Allah.
Comparing Islam with Biblical Worldview The Bible references that man’s actions must be motivated to honor the Lord so that all we do is for His glory. We can see this in 1

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