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Critical Thinking of Society Today I will be discussing how External Validity, chapter 8, connects to the past election. In this chapter persuasion is discussed and in the past election nominees persuaded society to vote for them. Next I will discuss how Fundamentals of Attribution Error, chapter 5, relates to peoples behaviors and actions causing climate change and global warmimg. The last topic I will be discussing is how high school peer pressure relates to Pluralistic Ignorance in chapter 4. Persuasion When it comes to elections candidates will do anything within their will power to persuade societies views. Each party and their candidates will find loop holes to sabotage the candidate they are running up against.…show more content…
These types of people attend to the logic and strength of arguments and evidence contained in the message. They bring information of their own such as images, memories, experiences, prior knowledge to evaluate the message and make it relevant. (Gilovich, Chen, & Keltner) Trump used persuasion mechanisms such as bragging about how rich and successful he is, this intern creates a sense of authority for voters persuading them to think how powerful and driven he is which will be an imminent quality for a president to have the upper hand in the government. Since Hillary has political experience she persuades voters with the use of logical reasoning and political rhetoric. The article Psychology of Persuasion quotes Hillary as saying, “One looks to be hunkering down with homework, research and rehearsals, while the other [Donald Trump] seems to be taking an on-the-fly casual approach to what could be the most important 90 minutes of the presidential election.” Not only is Hillary able to take jabs at Trump she is using her previous political knowledge to persuade individuals to think Trump is inexperienced and should not waste the time of citizens who are looking for change in America. Attribution Scientists have attributed the extreme climate change to human behaviors and actions throughout the world. In the last century, the Earth’s surface air -temperature has risen around 1.3 + or -

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