Critical Thinking On Business Writing

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Introduction and Purpose:
Women on board are bringing in diversity and intellect to the organization. The main idea of the article is to show how diversity in teams led to higher profitability and greater client satisfaction. The essence and central theme of this article is that increased number of women in an organization has increased its collective intelligence. There has been a strong correlation between the number of women on board and in the company’s ROI and ROE.

Strengths :

• Women bring in enhanced dialogue to the board
• They have better decision making skills including the value of dissent
• Women bring positive changes to the boardroom environment and culture.
• They perform more orderly and systematic board work.
• They bring a lot of diversity to the board Weakness:

• Women dominancy at the work place.
• Women sometimes tend to support feministic culture.
• Women in work place can bring in negative changes in the behavior of men.
• Sometimes ego clashes between men and women can bring disturbances in the board.

• Maintains diversity at work place.
• More effective risk management and crisis management and better balance between risk welcoming and risk aversions behavior
• Higher quality monitoring at the work place.
• Women bring guidance to management at work place.
• Women on board bring in positive changes in the behavior of men.
• It can create equal employment opportunities to women Treats:

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