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AMBA 610: Critical Thinking Assignment

Simon neil Corporate Solutions
To: Mr. Ldo Perdra (CEO, SSCS)
From: Mr. Augustin (Vice-President of Human Resources)
CC: None (Confidential)
Date: March 18, 2012
Re: Leadership-Development Programs
This is in response to your request for our office to evaluate the merit of Ms. Mitchell’s proposal that we establish and fund a new leadership-development program for our high-potential fourth-year associates.

1.0 Background

At the 2012 year-end senior-management offsite, the director of operations suggested that Simpson Seiler Corporate Solutions (SSCS) establish a leadership-development program to prepare our high-potential fourth-year associates for future advancement into
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Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. – all possessed such leadership traits as ambition, self-confidence, and intelligence. These cannot be learned; they are innate. Two well-respected research studies that support the notion that personality traits can predict leadership were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and in the Leadership Quarterly.

In my own experience, I’ve also noted that a tall physical stature is possessed by leaders. Certainly no one can increase his or her height--it is determined by genetics. Note the heights of some of the greatest leaders in United States history in the table, below.

Table 1

Leader Height
George Washington 6’ 2.5”
Abraham Lincoln 6’ 4.0”
John F. Kennedy 6’ 1.0”
Ronald Reagan 6’ 0.0”
Colin Powell 6’ 2.0”
Barack Obama 6' 1.5"

Source: , and

In fact, all members of your senior staff are over six feet tall with one exception: Ms. Margaret Mitchell, the person advocating leadership-development training. Moreover, I am suspicious of her intentions. Is it possible that she may covet my position as the human resources VP? Or is she motivated by the liberal notion that all citizens of a free nation have the right to pursue education and can achieve anything they desire? I suspect she is motivated by both personal gain and bleeding-heart liberal intentions.

Once we

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