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1. What is the DSPD philosophy? Explain how the operations of the different teams reflect the DSPD philosophy. The DSPD philosophy is Callaway’s belief of making demonstrably superior and pleasingly different products to golfing. This idea was established by Callaway’s previous business experiences and it served as the primary guiding principle for this company, the company that grew out of Hickory Stick USA. Their teamwork is built around five different areas: research and development, information systems, manufacturing, sales, and general/administrative services. The research and development team is responsible for designing, building prototypes, and testing the company’s premium golf equipment. The DSPD theory is evident here because…show more content…
1. Identify a competitor of Callaway Golf. How does Callaway Golf’s DSPD philosophy compare with the fundamental management philosophy of the competitor? What managerial insights do you gain from making this comparison? One major competitor of Callaway Golf is the Karsten Manufacturing Corporation. They are the manufactures of the world renowned PING golfing equipment. According to their “about us” section on the official PING website, they are a family owned company founded in 1959 in the garage of Karsten Solheim. His frustration with his putter inspired him to create a new one that made a “pinging” sound when striking a golf ball. These are the roots to a foundation that has become quite successful today. They feel that this success is owed to their philosophy of crediting their numerous innovations with perimeter weighting, custom fitting, and the use of investment casting in the manufacturing of golf clubs. Solheim insists on adhering to strict engineering principles and tight manufacturing tolerances to raise the level of product performance and quality throughout the golf industry. With Solheim’s death in 2000, his youngest son took over the managerial position and continues to practice these methods. Their products can be found in more than 70 countries today. In comparison to Callaway Golf, Steinway almost seems to measure up. They too focus on innovation and bringing the

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