Critical Thinking Paper : Corporal Punishment

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Gabriella Reyes
Critical Thinking Paper
April 13, 2015

Corporal Punishment
Corporal Punishment is a universal argumentation topic that has created a divided line between a population who believe harsher physical punishment should be considered as a sentence against offenders and those who disagree that physical punishment is un-humane to use on an offender. The United States is one out of many countries that fits the above description. Corporal punishment has been restricted from being used in prisons for quite some time. There has been retribution of bringing back corporal punishment into the U.S. criminal system due to the increase of youth violence and the high cost of keeping an inmate in prison for their time being.
The meaning of corporal punishment “ is nothing more than the infliction of pain as part of a sentence”(Maddan & Hallahan, 2012, P. 99). The canning of teenager Michael Fay convicted of receiving six blows for a misdemeanor of vandalism while in Singapore. During this event he attracted the many responses of Americans who reconsider the idea of corporal punishment. Many argue that corporal punishment should be brought back to be used on juveniles who are to be sentenced for adult time and even misdemeanor charges. (Maddan & Hallan, 2012). It could decrease misdemeanor crimes that are being committed by those who are new to crime scene and frighten those who follow. Today, incarceration is a better means of contemporary confining an inmate…

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