Critical Thinking Philosophy

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Critical thinking refers to the comprehensive analysis of a situation or concept to ensure that all the factors are considered to bring an issue to a conclusion. The idea of critical thinking is taught to almost the students in colleges and universities because of its importance to the contemporary living (Shiraev, 2015). In social science, the application of the critical thinking skills is paramount for god results. Additionally, to analyze theories and practices in psychology and philosophy, the concepts are important. In the process of thinking critically, many ideas should be considered for excellent results. Although the concepts are numerous, in this essay, we shall be concerned with only two which include philosophy and
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First, the setting of the rules on how individuals carry themselves around puts boundaries on h far at which an individual can thin. That is they cannot think of the extremes in an attempt to find the truth about an idea. Secondly, the fact that philosophy is concerned with realistic items, it thus means that the individuals can seek solutions about the things within their reach. They can only draw conclusions according to what bothers them in the daily living and thus more experience. It is the love of knowledge and therefore the drawing of reasons forms a point of intelligence. The more the individuals seeks more knowledge, the more their reasoning improves. Finally, though more knowledge, the probability of more experience of the same situation is high and thus informed decisions through critical…show more content…
While critical thinking involves the continued analysis of the situation, explanation of every step is paramount. For example, when analyzing the cause of a failure, each reason is accompanied by justifying items. That is there must be a reason for going the cause of failure. Additionally, the reason must be something observable and measurable. Justification is also important because it gives reference to the authorities and thus the thinking is restricted to what is termed as legal by the government. It is thus a paramount idea in critical thinking. It provides premises for analyzing
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