Critical Thinking Reasoning Is Relevant And Reliable Essay

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1. Critical thinking means to think correctly in to find knowledge that is relevant and reliable. The critical thinking process consists of reasoning which is the process in which we think. This way of thinking has several different aspects. Reasoning is done from a certain point of view and based on data, information and evidence. Reasoning is expressed through and shapes by concepts and ideas. Reasoning also uses inferences and interpretations to draw conclusions and give meaning to data. When it comes to critical thinking reasoning is not the only part of critical thinking. When thinking critically it is important to have clarity which has to do with elaborations, thinking using different points and examples. Accuracy is also important. It is crucial that the information being presented is true. When thinking critically there must be an aspect of precision and relevance. Precision requires that we are specific and have plentiful details. Relevance is ensuring the information is connected to the question at hand. Another crucial aspect is depth. It is important to address the complexities of the question presented. Breadth is another important part because it considers looking at the question a different way with different points of view. Lastly, but also very important there must be logic behind critical thinking. Using logic is what ensures that your thinking makes sense and can be followed.
2. A. A liberal arts education provides students with a broad knowledge of the
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