Critical Thinking Regarding the Book Blink Essay

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Critical thinking is defined as purposeful, reflective judgment that manifests itself in giving reasoned and fair-minded consideration to the evidence, conceptualizations, methods, contexts, and standards in order to decide what to believe or what to do (Facione, 2011). I believe that Malcolm Gladwell is trying to tell readers of Blink that critical thinking can be done in just a few short minutes. “What is Blink about? It’s a book about rapid cognition, about the kind of thinking that happens in the blink of an eye.“ (Gladwell, 2005). You don’t need to take hours or days to do it. We have always been told that spending time to gather all the information is better, but is that necessarily true? Blink has several stories in it where we see…show more content…
In the 1920’s many people decided that because Warren Harding looked the part of a president, he should be president. Well unfortunately just because you have the look doesn’t mean you have the brain or leadership skills of the president. What is the look anyway? When I think of a president I don’t have a particular embodiment in mind. I do believe that when it comes to political elections today there is a Warren Harding error, especially for Republicans. It seems that they stick to the business man look. Believe me when I say I am not looking for a slob to roll off their couch and run for president, but those who run do not look like the normal family man. They are always dressed up in a suit or collared shirt and speak so formally. Republican candidates are the Warren Harding embodiment. I do believe that we haven’t had a woman president because many people still think that is a man’s job. Our instincts are betraying us by having us think that being president is designed for a man only. Clearly we have had a black president so we need to critically think about what is good for the country and good for us. Once we critically think about the situation regarding the Warren Harding error that will result in a reconsideration of a prior judgment or decision. Critical thinking is a liberating force that frees one from mistake beliefs. With that said all that needs to be done is to really look at a

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