Critical Thinking Self Reflection. The Human Thought Process

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Critical Thinking Self Reflection
The human thought process is one that most people repeat dozens if not hundreds of times an hour. Many people don’t contemplate how this process works, they just process one thought after another to make decisions, solve problems, or process a fond memory. Examining and strengthening the thought process improves decision making abilities which enables a person to make better, more informed choices. This essay will analyze where I personally am in my development as a critical thinker, along with the challenges I face in the effort to improve in this regard. To do this, I will analyze what critical thinking means to me, the role it plays in my life today, how this course relates to good thinking, how I
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As I have grown older, critical thinking has become a much larger part of my life and much more complicated because there is much more on the line. I have a family now with a wife and two children, along with a full-time job that demands well thought out solutions that produce results. Age has also given me the empathy and ability to better see things from another perspective, something I did not when I was younger. I have found having the humility and foresight to ask for outside opinions to be one of the most valuable tools in the decision-making process.
Further strengthening my critical thinking skills will not only further enhance my ability to make sound decisions and reason through the issues and decision I make, but will help me to meet the goals that I have set for my future. One of these goals is to impress upon my children the importance of critical thinking, especially gathering all of the facts before making a decision. My career goals in IT Management will also benefit from the application of these methods. In this field, as in many others, a poor decision can be costly or even fatal to a business. As Smith (2003) points out, “effective thinking is a key to management success, being implicated in virtually every task or function managers perform”.
HUM101, Critical Thinking, and my Beliefs From my first couple of weeks studying material in this class, my impression is that I will undoubtedly leave with an

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