Critical Thinking Skills For Nursing School Essay

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INTRODUCTION Organizational effectiveness depends upon the internal components of a business. For a hospital or a health care organization the internal components are the nurses and healthcare workers within the hospital. Business rely on their employees to make the business successful. For a healthcare organization of any kind to be successful their nurses must have and maintain critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills often evolve over time with past experiences. This is why there must be a nice blend of new and old employees within a unit to make the organization effective and to keep the patients safe. However, critical thinking skills must being in nursing school. Institutions must help facilitate higher level of thinking to help evolve critical thinking skills in order to have the best outcomes for their patients. Better outcomes equal higher payouts for the business, so it is in everyone’s best interest to educate their staff and continue to strive for success. CRITICAL THINKING Critical thinking is a term you will often here in regards to nursing education and the ability to be a successful nurse. Critical thinking is one of the most important skills of a nurse. Nurses must be able to constantly asses and analyze situations in order to prioritize what is the most important task to accomplish next. This is an ever changing situation in health care and especially in the Intensive Care Units. A critical thinker is “habitually inquisitive,
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