Critical Thinking Stages

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My Stage of Critical Thinking In the six stages of critical thinking, I believe I am starting at the beginning thinker stage. I only apply critical thinking when issues will have a long term affect on my personal life or during my job when diagnosing a complaint or problem in the shop. In my personal experience, I first started applying critical thinking on my career and most recently started to recognize a similarity to daily problems. In certain situation, I did not purposely decide to apply critical thinking but I caught myself doing it. I first question myself. “Why I am over thinking this?” It took a long time and experience to realize that was the wrong question. It was not in fact that I was over thinking something is in fact my experience was…show more content…
Even if at the moment, the opportunity was lost or late. I commence to transform this result from a simple result to a tool for future situations. Another aspect that I believe make me fit in this criteria is the fact that I am able to recognize egocentric thinking of the situation. With this, I am able to ignore and challenge the fact that the result should not always be in my best personal interest and convenience but rather in the fair result for all involve in the situation. The disadvantage of these stages is that I find myself questioning a large amount of decisions and taught process to ensure is been applied correctly. In some occasions, I am unable as a whole to combine all the information to reach a solution. I notice is easier to apply critical thinking on subject that I have more exposure on. I do not believe I do this cause of my experience in the subject but more due to my confidence in the area. Questioning and breaking down our thought on a subject does not mean to second-guess the facts. It simple means to view the situation in different perspectives. If we are certain and able to prove the information is correct, there is no need or advantage to continue to analyze
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