Critical Thinking : The Atomic Bomb

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Angel Colbourne AMH-2020-02C 10/16/14 Critical Thinking Essay In this essay critical thinking skills will be used to answer questions about the atomic bomb. First, I will be discussing why the atomic bomb was developed. On December 21st, 1938, nuclear fission was discovered in Germany by Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann. It should be noted that this was nine months before World War II. Many physicists immediately saw that nuclear fission could be used to make extremely deadly bombs. The idea of using chemicals for mass destruction was not a new one. The concept of using nuclear weapons began during World War I. The most obvious reason as to why the atomic bomb was developed is that each nation wanted to be able to defend themselves against their enemy. A report by Otto Frisch and Rudolf Peierls stated that the most effective way to handle an atomic bomb threat was to “counter-threat with a similar bomb… even if it is not intended to use the bomb as a means of attack”. Next, I will be discussing why atomic bombs were used during World War II. There are numerous reasons given for the use of the atomic bombs in World War II. At first, the Americans goal was to develop the atomic bomb before the Axis powers did. It was not until 1944 when the US realized that Germany was no longer a threat in developing an atomic bomb. However, due to the shock of the attack on Pearl Harbor and Japan’s unwillingness to surrender, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided that the U.S. must
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