Critical Thinking : The Characteristics Of Oral And Written Communication

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Writing is one of the most foundational yet expressive forms of communication shared among mankind. The creativity of thought and the subsequent written transmission of that thought can have a powerful, transformative effect. In today’s busy world of 24/7 news cycles, the hustle and bustle of the average work day, and the hovering attitudes of getting things done quickly has watered down that act of individual thought, the ability to think, and the importance of thinking critically. Leaders in any organization must possess, and are expected to have the professional acumen and intellectual aptitude to master the art of communication. Sound communication skills take on the form of bringing ideas and thoughts to life with the intended tasks of those thoughts being received in its purest form, analyzed and internalized for deductive reasoning. Strategic leaders rely on the methodical process of oral and written communication to articulate organizational or operational objectives at the macro level - guiding the future direction or strategic vision for the organization. While written communication is not the more dominant characteristic of an effective strategic leader, it does function as a necessary tool to define and shape strategy, establish clear guidance, and formally document guidance. Undoubtedly, critical thinking and the ability to write well are characteristics of a strategic leader. The relationship between critical thinking, written communication and a strategic
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