Critical Thinking : The Six Stages Of Critical Thinkers

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Six Stages of Critical Thinkers Critical thinking is the ability to take information and analyze it before concluding. It involves six things clarity (others understanding your point), accuracy (sources), depth(complexity), relevance (key issues), broadness (main points), and precision (making points specifically). Once we take these six critical thinking skills we compare it to people and came up with the six stages of critical thinkers. We are going to look at the six stages of critical thinkers and apply it to my life. Six Stages The six stages of critical thinkers include unreflective, challenged, beginning, practicing, advanced, and accomplished. Unreflective thinkers are the ones that have no awareness of flawed thinking. These thinkers do not understand concepts or assumptions behind ideas and rarely try to comprehend the logic behind their opinions. They have skills like comparing and contrasting. Challenged thinkers are the ones that limited their awareness of thinking. These thinkers’ kind of understand logic and try to put effort towards their opinions which eventually causes trouble. Have a good understanding of reasoning and thinking but have a challenging time applying it. Beginning thinkers are the ones that realize they need critical thinking. These thinkers can see they have a problem with reasoning and problem-solving. Practicing thinkers are the ones that regularly practice critical thinking skills. These thinkers understand the reasoning and try to
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