Critical Thinking and Decision Making Essay

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Human beings have been preoccupied with thought and the concept of thought for centuries as is evidenced by the many philosophical and religious writings we find dating from ancient times. After all, we as human beings hold ourselves to be the masters of intelligence in the natural world since no other specie seems to exhibit the capability of thought and intelligence as demonstrated by human beings, the very term "homo sapiens" infers the ability to think. Critical thinking is asking the right questions about the information we are presented with on any given situation. Or as Brown and Keeley put it, it is "asking critical questions." (Pg. 2) To put it more specifically, asking critical questions …show more content…
Of course it would be unfair to say that this was just a chance occurrence. Fleming was already involved in searching for cures and medicines as a research scientist. We could say he was already asking questions. This was not a mere mistake, he was able to observe, evaluate, and conclude that Penicillin would work as it does. If most of us were to find something growing mold in our refrigerator, it would be very doubtful that we would excitedly research the growing culture. The context of this finding is very important. Fleming was already in a search mode, and he was able to observe something that happened in the context and environment of a research laboratory. In their book, Critical Thinking: Asking the Right Questions, the authors Browne and Keeley, primarily discuss the process of evaluating information, deciphering the meaning of statements, and realizing that as people communicate there may be hidden "inadequacies" that distort or impede the meaning or context of what is being communicated to us (Pg.7). For the purposes of this class their reasoning and explanation is appropriate and more than sufficient. We could simply illustrate this point by just adding an additional line of questioning to our repertoire of critical questions: what happened, and what is that?

Decision making

Decision making, is the ability
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