Essay on Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

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Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

The purpose of this paper is to explain critical thinking and decision-making by different examples, models, and show how it is used in everyday life. Everyone uses critical thinking and decision-making all the time, most of the time without recognition and involuntary and it starts from the time you wake up in the morning till you go to bed. There are three components for every decision made and they are: 1.Criteria- the standards by which decision makers evaluate alternatives. 2. Alternatives- specific courses of action or options, being considered "positions." 3. Cause and Effect Beliefs- cause/effect belief are cognitions linking specific alternatives to specific criteria. These are often
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Amongst those duties they must also sanitize all food surfaces, including walls, counters, drains, and the floor. Most importantly this department has to have enough clean kitchenware to supply the chef for its customers. Second, the Executive Chef's responsibility is to oversee all departments that produce food for display and consumption. In regards to this is also responsible to maintain low food and labor costs resulting from the production of these food products. The Executive Chef ironically as the name states, depending on the size of the company, is not responsible for the execution of these food products. That duty lies with Executive Sous Chef, Sous is French for second. The Executive Sous Chefs duty is to properly staff and order food directly proportionate to the amount of customers that the restaurant will service.
In a kitchen there are many examples of "Critical Thinking" on many levels. The cooks in a restaurant constantly have to make quick decisions in a very hostile environment. All of these decisions are based upon orders given to them by their leaders and the demand for what they produce. In my opinion when it comes to "Critical Thinking and Decision -Making" chefs have it rough. All the responsibility lies on their heads as a great chef an author states "The brigade system divided the kitchen into functional areas. Each one had a command structure like the army's. Every
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