Critical Thinking and Example Essay

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Jennifer Gleason
PHIL201-1203A-08 Introduction to Philosophy
Sunday, June 24, 2012

Logical fallacies

My whole paper will be over the logical fallacies and the examples I had made for each one. Now this all have to do with some kind of philosophy terms and what they truly mean but in my own words and examples. 1. Mere Assertion- Mere Assertion is when someone doesn’t want to give up an argument even known they can’t prove their right with no evidence. * Example: My daughter says she is right when she said she saw a movie last night, but she has no movie ticket to prove herself innocent.

2. Circular Reasoning- The Circular Reasoning is when every argument comes out the truth or considers the same evidence. *
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* Example: My friend had but his girlfriend’s name on him and every time he would go out he would cheat on her and say it was his sister’s name. So it would be argument between the two of them.

7. Sweeping Generalization- Sweeping Generalization is like when the police department has two ideas that could lead to the story of what had happen in the case. * Example: A women had got killed and the police had two ideas who could’ve been the killer. So the police had narrowed it down to two conclusions.

8. Slippery Slope- Slippery Slope is like the alphabets because each letter has to come after each other to work out. * Example: When they have a certain road for truck drivers to drive on and they decide to take it away for something else. Than that means it won’t ever be used again for the truck drivers unless they go through the steps to use it again.

9. Equivocation or Changing Meanings- Equivocation or changing meanings is where I would be making my argument and then switch it to another argument to hide away from the truth. * Example: My youngest son was making an argument with us to get away from the truth and when he tried to turn to another argument, I told him it’s better to tell the truth it will make you feel better.

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