Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Essay

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HUM 101 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving-B1 Midterm
1. In your own words, explain the 3 stages of knowing and use a sample situation to show how people in each of the 3 stages would respond to it. Be sure that you both explain each stage in general terms and then explain how each example fits that stage. Do not say that kids are Stage 1, teens are Stage 2, and adults are Stage 3; that’s too simplistic and also inaccurate.

The three stages of knowing are essentially the various ways in which one views their environment before achieving the ability to think critically. One does not pass through these stages sequentially; rather, the stages may be revisited as a person’s ability to think critically regresses and
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Essentially that everyone should pay into programs that are designed to benefit all contributors such as universal healthcare and education as well as regulatory agencies to reduce the risks of such things as pollution and unethical business practices. Conservatives believe that the individual should keep whatever they earn (little to no taxes) and that it is the individual who is responsible for such things as their own healthcare and education. Furthermore, they believe that regulation inhibits individuality and personal fulfillment.
Another example of the difference between collectivism and individualism are workplaces that have unions versus those that do not. A union is a collective organization that provides workers the opportunity, without fear of repercussions, to voice their opinions on such workplace issues as wages, healthcare and worker’s rights. They believe that they are just as much a part of the company as management, therefore, their ideas and opinions deserve to be heard as well. Those who are against unions believe that it is up to the worker to follow the rules laid out by the company in order to progress in their career. They believe that individuals do not have a right to a job and that if they do not like the way in which the company they work for conducts business, then that person should search for work elsewhere.

3. Choose 3 factors that affect perceptions and use examples to show how each factor affects a
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