Critical Thinking and Technical Communication

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Do you think there is a link between critical thinking and technical communication? The Internet has changed the way we communicate. Texting has replaced using a landline telephone. Students can access assignments and even take courses online. Business people can connect via video conferences. It has also changed the ways in which we think and use language, both for the better and for the worse. On one hand, certain free-associative skills have been sharpened. 'Hyper-linking' on the web allows us to make instantaneous connections between a word and its extended definition. "The Internet, the online virtual universe, is my jungle gym and I swing from bar to bar" (Stone 2012). On the other hand, online, mediated communication forms have also reduced the human attention span, and our ability to perceive knowledge in-depth. It is possible to become a quasi-expert on a subject when something 'goes viral.' On the other hand, deeper and sustained philosophical discussions are difficult to conduct online. Communication may feel like a natural process, but although the structures of the human mind may be suited to transmitting knowledge, the technical implements of language, media, and message affect how we see the world. The way in which a message is transmitted changes both how it is sent and how it is perceived. When I have the ability to text something or Twitter something every five minutes, small events come to seem more significant than they did before. My perceptions,
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