Critical Thinking in Decision Making Essay

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Critical Thinking in Decision Making Debra Rodriguez MGT 350 August 6, 2012 Karen Allen Critical thinking is a mode of thinking where one improves his or her quality by applying intellectual skills to elements of decisions to make solid decisions to develop intellectual traits. It is important to enhance ones critical thinking skills to improve decision-making capabilties in life and create new opportunities. Critical thinking is the ability of evaluating and assessing thoughts with the aim of making them better by reasoning to discern their validity and truth. This is achieved by the use of critical thinking skills that include analyzing, reasoning, evaluating decision-making and problem-solving (Wood, 2002). Concerning how humans…show more content…
It also allows one to effectively defend his or her own beliefs through well-supported arguments (Simpson and Courtney, n.d.). With a focus on critical thinking skills and intellectual traits, critical thinking can be used to identify misinformation, bias, distortion, and self-deception; thus allowing one to make the right decisions regardless of surrounding factors. For instance, students can make sound decisions regarding course majors by considering their beliefs and basing their arguments on logical conclusions drawn from evaluating available information. The students, through critical thinking should also be able to defend their decision by presenting an amicable argument. In addition, critical thinking skills help medical personnel in the examination and diagnosis of ailments in patients. Through critical thinking skills, they can question, evaluate, and analyze available data to make a conclusive decision about the situation faced by their patients to provide the appropriate medical care. Critical thinking in health care is applied by collecting information from the patient and correlating it with existing theories and practices and challenging medical personnel to provide diagnosis. For instance, by studying various signs and symptoms from the patients, doctors are able effectively diagnose and establish an adequate treatment plan for their patients. Moreover, critical thinking is crucial for the formulation of
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