Critical Thinking in Sociology

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The media is the world’s means to communication. Through the use of magazines, television, the internet, radios, billboards, etc., we are able to sell, advertise, and publicize materials and goods. The media has a way of eliciting, in consumers, a desire and need to obtain whatever is being advertised.
The mass media is mainly ruled by an exclusive portion of our society; these elite few have the power to manipulate and capitalize on the profits made from the media. The main marketing technique the media uses is called subliminal messaging. Through the use of slight manipulations, the media appeals to our pleasure telling us that what they are offering is a necessity rather than a luxury.
Not only does the media generate a selfish desire
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If we can allow for love to penetrate our hearts and minds, we will see the results in how we treat others, and in turn, how they will treat us. The best way to reap kindness and love is to give it. It is a command given to us as Christians, and it is worth it.

About five years ago now, I began volunteering at the nursing home in my city. I was asked to take a 94 year old woman swimming once a week. At first, I was nervous and I felt that I was not equipped to do this type of work. I was pleased to discover that I very much enjoyed my time at the pool each week. The experience was eye opening for me as I fell in love with the people that I had the joy of spending my morning with each week, laughing and splashing the lifeguard.
A couple of years later, I began working at this same nursing home as a resident assistant. Yet again, my eyes were opened to a whole new world that I had not known existed until then. This world was different than the one at the swimming pool. This one was much busier. It was more about productivity than about quality care of the people. Everything about it seemed backwards. Many of the employees that I worked with made it seem like the residents were more of a hassle and a job, rather than actual people.
Working in the nursing home I have seen more abuse and neglect than anywhere else. One time, I asked a fellow employee how he found working in the home, and he answered, “Well, I have worked in
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