Critical Thinking on Logical Issues Essay

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Critical Thinking on Logical Issues Scenario 1 There is a lot of tragedy surrounding WV Steel Company lately. National Construction (our of Colorado) is building a new football stadium. The opt to buy and use cables that were approved by a contractor for WV Steel. After the stadium is built the upper deck collapses and injures and kills civilians watching the game. National is now under a lot of pressure from lawsuits stemming from the incident. To make matters worse Jessica crashes her car on the way to a meeting due to negligence when driving. She hits a school bus and the bus driver and some children on the bus end up being hospitalized. “There are three types of defects that incur liability – manufacturing, design defects, and…show more content…
Jessica is directly liable for causing the accident and has to be held to the legal standards for her actions of reckless driving. WV Steel has will be held liable as the employer of Jessica Smith and of ultimately approving of her trip to attend the meeting. They will share in some of the responsibility associated with Jessica’s actions. “If an agent or employee commits a tort while pursuing his or her own interests, the tort is not within the scope of the agency or employment, and neither the principal nor the employer would be liable.” (J., & D., 2010) Since this was not the case with Jessica, liability falls on both parties. There is definite impact of this type of legal issue to small and large businesses. Company’s insurance premiums go up across the board and typically business will incur large legal fees that need to be paid for. Additionally bad press coverage could have a negative effect on the company’s bottom line. Scenario 2 Larry Johnson crashed his four year old Chevy because he was texting his girlfriend. He didn’t see the car in front of him. He was wearing his seatbelt. The accident happened at 35 mph. The seat belt should have protected him from smashing his head into the steering wheel and windshield up to speeds of 40 mph. He broke several bones. He is suing GMC, Chevrolet, and the dealership that sold him the car stating that they are strictly liable for his injuries. He is also claiming that all
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