Critical Tourism Theory and Methods

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Evaluation of Tourism Research

Tourism Research Overview

1. Critical Tourism Theory

* The Concept of Critical Tourism Theory * Critical Tourism Theory and Data base

2. Qualitative Research

* Data Collection Techniques in Qualitative Research

* Interview * Observation * Focus Groups * Customer feedback card

* Data Analysis in Qualitative Research Limitation

3. Quantitative Research

* Data Collection Techniques in Quantitative Research

* Survey * Questioners * Structured Interview

* Data Analysis Techniques in Quantitative Research



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The language, dressing, lifestyle and culture started to attract not only the common people it also started to attract the scholars like philosophers and researchers who is interested about the people’s around the world. This interest triggered them to make close communication with the foreigner’s and they started to record the culture and language of the visitors and started to compare the difference and uniqueness of the visitors culture, language and life style with their own and with other foreign visitors. These are the foundations of research’s in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The rational thinking by the philosophers and researchers based on the various notes and chronological record of events and detailed notes about the cultural, traditional practices and life style of the people’s of various places left by the priest who played an important role in day to day life of the local people and the personal diaries, notes and communication left behind by the people who travelled around the world which had lots of information about the travelling pattern, food, natural attractions and travelling modes helped researchers to widen the scope of research in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The researchers mainly focused on the social science, natural science, religious aspects palmistry and faith of the people and their traditional sharing and development based on the tourism and hospitality for coming to various
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