Critical analysis essay on "Good People" by David Foster Wallace

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Sandra Cartica
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Prof. Donnelly
Critical Analysis Essay – “Good People”

The Battle Within

“Good People”, written by David Foster Wallace, and published in the February 2007 issue of The New Yorker magazine is a story about two young Christians who are faced with the issue of an unplanned pregnancy. The critic reviewing this short story is Matt Bucher. He takes a psychological/philosophical approach and references the division and dichotomy within the story. Religious imagery is highlighted as well as the struggle and divisions within ourselves. Outwardly, this story seems focused on “to abort” or “not to abort,” but in reality, it is a story about our inner battle between good and evil; division and union.
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Two-hearted, a hypocrite to yourself either way” (Wallace 8). In my opinion, young people probably face this problem every day and yet, I would bet that few of them have felt this deeply. Lane and Sheri want to please their God, but Lane struggles with the issue of loving her or not, and Sheri struggles with the shame if she aborts or the shame if she keeps the baby. Through prayer, and his belief in a loving compassionate God, Lane has an epiphany and sees into Sheri’s heart. He understands that through his belief in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, love conquers all. He asks himself… what would Jesus do? This is a question not many people ask themselves these days. During Lane’s epiphany or as Wallace puts it, “moment of grace” Lane realizes he is “not a hypocrite, just broken and split off like all men” (Wallace 9). The vision in Sheri’s heart is filled with love for her child and her God. She unfreezes him and releases him of all responsibilities and hopes he finishes his college education so that he can have a life filled with “joy and good things” (Wallace 10). Lane understands this is a lie. Lane’s heart has been cleansed with love and knows Sheri should not and will not raise their child alone. He questions whether

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