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Week 1 Critical and Creative Thinking Questions Name: Gardner Chapter 1 3. How do you think the principle of uniformitarianism accounts for occasional catastrophic events such as meteorite impacts, huge volcanic eruptions or great earthquakes? Uniformitarianism is a scientific clarification on how the rocks, continents and mountains in the planet are created. The material process that occurs on earth has not changed; although the objective conditions have changed radically the principle of uniformitarianism accounts for the outcome of the catastrophe or natural calamity. 4. In this chapter we have suggested that Earth is a close approximation of a natural closed system, and we have hinted at some of the ways that…show more content…
4. Choose one of the geological periods listed in figure 3.8 and find out all you can about it. How are rock formations from that period identified? What are its most characteristic fossils? Where are the best samples of rock from your chosen period? I chose the Jurassic period; because this time enclosed mainly marine deposits such as shale, sandstone and limestone. There were a diversity of fossils found from this period which was only found west of the Mississippi River. 5. Do some research to determine the ages of the oldest known fossils. What kind of life forms were they? The oldest fossil was the microfossils known to be found in Australia by a group from the University of Western Australia and Oxford University. The tiny fossils showed credible indication for cells and bacteria living in an oxygen free world over 3.4 billion years ago. Chapter 15 1. Recall chapter 1 that Earth and Venus are so similar in size and overall composition that they are almost twins. Why did these planets evolved so differently? Why is earth’s atmosphere rich in oxygen and poor in carbon dioxide, whereas the reverse is true for Venus? What would happen to the Earth’s oceans if earth were a little bit closer to the sun? These planets evolved so differently, because of their space from the sun. Making Venus hotter than earth and causing changes to the

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