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Research Critique, Part 1 Grand Canyon University: NUR 433V March 15, 2015 Introduction Critical appraisal of a research study demonstrates an understanding of the research study being conducted. This paper will review a qualitative research study designed to explore the lived experience of lay presence during adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in primary and secondary environments of care from a healthcare provider’s (HCP) perspective. The in-depth critical appraisal will include the problem statement, purpose, research questions, literature review and conceptual framework. Problem Statement A research problem is an area of interest in which there is deficient knowledge. As a result, research is…show more content…
Sources cited must be relevant, comprehensive and current as to provide evidence that the study conducted was necessary (Burns & Grove, 2011). Walker cited both quantitative and qualitative studies to describe current knowledge of the problem and need for additional research. The literature was effective and relevant to the focus of the research study. The author used literature to build a logical argument in the introduction and complement the findings of the study in the discussion. Available studies were not evaluated nor were weaknesses indicated. Literature ranged in publication date from 1997 to 2010. This extends beyond the recommended timeframe of five years. Articles that were older than five years were noted to be qualitative and according to Burns & Grove (2011) this is an appropriate exception to the recommended timeframe. The literature effectively identified the gaps in knowledge that provided a basis for the study. Conceptual and Theoretical Framework An important aspect involved in critical appraisal of a study involves identifying and evaluating the study framework. This allows the reader to determine whether it is appropriate to apply the study findings to nursing practice. The author of this study identified the specific perspective from which the study was developed. More specifically, the author sought to provide insight into the phenomenon of lay presence during adult CPR specifically from the perspective of ambulance staff and

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