Critically Compare and Contrast the ‘Best Fit’, Best Practice and Rbv Models of Hrm Strategy – Explain How Each Approach Is Argued to Contribute to Improve Organizational Performance

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Critically compare and contrast the ‘best fit’, BP and RBV models of HRM strategy – explain how EACH approach is argued to contribute to improve organizational performance.

As the global business environment becomes increasingly competitive, more and more organisations are targeting human resources as a means of strategically gaining competitive advantage. Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a constantly evolving process which is concerned with providing a strategic framework that supports an organisation’s long term business goals. The logic behind this is that organisations are using new innovative technologies to provide qualitative low- cost solutions, and are trying to manage their human assets more effectively (Wright,
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In response to criticisms of the ‘best fit’ and ‘best practice’ approaches, the ‘resource based view’ model focuses on leveraging competitive advantage through both tangible and intangible organisational resources. However, questions arise regarding whether there is a best way of achieving strategic HRM. Evidence suggests that firms rarely adopt a single style of management and that it is likely that they use a mix of approaches for different groups (Wilton 2011).

The ‘‘best fit’’ approach promotes the concept that strategic HR should be inextricably linked to the formulation and implementation of strategic corporate and business objectives (Wilton, 2011). This means that the HR strategy is concerned with matching the employee’s role behaviour with the company‘s mission, values and goals. Wilton (2011) explains this by giving an example whereby if a company‘s business strategy is based on delivering a high quality service, then the HR strategies and policies need to focus on the quality of its employees. This would be achieved by rewarding attitudes and behaviour that match this approach. Boxall and Purcell (2008) support this idea by highlighting that companies may fail if they do not adapt to their environment. The best fit approach therefore aims to improve organisational performance by integrating all activities in such a
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