Critically Compare and Contrast the Major Cultural and Institutional Features and Predominant Hr Policies and Practices in the Following Regions/Countries: India and Nigeria

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Critically compare and contrast the major cultural and institutional features and predominant HR policies and practices in the following regions/countries: India and Nigeria India and Nigeria, both have earned bilateral relations among them with the passage of time. Both the countries fought against British colonial system to get rid of British rule. Huge multi-ethnic and multi-religious society of these countries, which make them culturally diverse, has resulted in increased and strong bilateral relations(Vasudevan, 2010). In 1958, India developed strong diplomatic mission for the independence of Nigeria, which resulted in Nigeria’s independence after two years(Wikipedia, 2013b). Cultural Features of India and Nigeria Culture of a…show more content…
* Power Distance With respect to power distance, both India and Nigeria stand very close to each other. On this scale India scores 77 and Nigeria 80. Higher scores of both of these countries show that these people appreciate caste system. Therefore, they strongly implement hierarchical order in their societies. In such societies, everybody is having his own specified place. Societies are centralized with all the governing power in the hands of higher order people. Only top to down communication is appreciated and no feedback system is introduced up the ladder. * Individualism Indian and Nigerian societies, both show collective behavior of their people as they both have low individualism scores of 48 and 30 respectively. These societies appreciate large social networks in which each individual is bound to act according to his group members, family or close relations. If a person fails in any respects in the sight of his group of family member he feels ashamed and is left with the feeling of emptiness. Also recruitment and promotions of individuals are strongly associated with having good relationship rather than knowledge or ability. * Masculine Both India and Nigeria are masculine countries with scores of 56 and 60, respectively. Societies showing masculine behavior are effort oriented. They only believe in success. The one who
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