Critically Discuss A Major Global Issue Facing Your Own Country

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Critically discuss a major global issue facing your own country (1500 words)
Quality of higher education in Vietnam

1. Introduction
In the 21st century, education continuous keep the key role in development and consequently, the attention of public to quality of education are risen highly, especially to higher education. Ensuring quality to meet the demands of industries and students themselves is the priority of higher education institution in Vietnam, however, from the perspective of autonomy, this issue is the main constrain for universities to do their target in enhancement education quality. This writing will discuss effects of lacking autonomy that limited higher education quality in 3 aspect, those are curriculum, equipt skills for students and learning style.

2. Higher education system in Vietnam

Although Vietnam’s history shows that Vietnam had the first university in year 1070 but in fact, the contemporary higher education initiated after Vietnam gained independence from colonial countries in year 1945. By March 2016, according the official announcement of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam had 224 universities including 2 national universities with their member universities. Majority universities are located at Hanoi and Hochiminh City and are designed as mono-disciplinary focusing in specially area such as construction, technique, law or financial, business.
Higher education system in Vietnam is strongly centralization system under the…
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