Critically Discuss Barriers To Creativity And Innovation Within Your Own Organization

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Organizational Change Question #4: Critically discuss barriers to creativity and innovation within your own organization. What organisational change approaches would you recommend to senior management to reduce these barriers and encourage greater, more effective innovation? Introduction "Innovation is widely recognized as a key factor in the competitiveness of nations and firms… [and] innovative firms are a perquisite for a dynamic and competitive economy…" (Madrid-Guijarro, et al, 2009, p. 465). There are barriers in every organization when it comes to accepting and embracing innovation and change. Depending on the leadership and the innovative capabilities of the organisation, some barriers are easily overcome and others stubbornly refuse to budge from old habits and outdated strategies. But by knowing what the stumbling blocks and barriers are within an organization those dynamic that prevents it from achieving the innovation and ultimately the sustainability that it should embrace an organization staffed with alert, creative and flexible leadership can begin the task of change. Barriers: Strong corporate culture presents resistance to change… In his book on organizational barriers Thao Binh Pham Thi explains that a corporate culture isn't just a workplace staffed with workers who are all paid by the same corporate financial source. A corporate culture is also "…the set of values, norms and basic assumptions" which are understood, shared and fully accepted by
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