Critically Discuss The Nurse's Role A Planning Care Plan

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The aim of this assignment is to critically discuss the nurse’s role in planning care. The case of care is a 60-year-old lady named Mary. The names in this assignment have been changed in order to remain confidentiality in line with the Nursing and midwifery Council (2015). Mary has a son and lives with her husband of 30 years. Mary was diagnosed with type one diabetes mellitus when she was 18 years old. Mary also has a leg ulcer which is effecting many aspects of her life. Although Mary has other health problems I will be mainly focusing on the leg ulcer.
Matthews (2010) claims that by using nursing models it will help deliver consistency in the care provided. Barrett, Wilson and Woollands (2009) highlights that one model will not fit all patients this is because they are individuals with different complex and holistic needs. The care model which was used to assist Marys care plan was ASPIRE (assessment, systematic nursing, diagnoses, planning, implementation, recheck and evaluation. According Barrett, D. Nursing Times (2015) when nurses become more experienced they will be able to develop their own model, based on elements of different theories which best suits their approach and context of care. Barrett also go on to state that nursing models provide a theoretical foundation to develop a philosophy of care and documentation related to their work. According to Barrett, D (2012) the nursing process it a useful source for nurses who finds themselves confronted with a problem…
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