Critically Discuss The Proposition That ' Ours Is An Information Age '

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Critically discuss the proposition that 'ours is an information age '
According to Toffler (1980), the word was shaped by three unstoppable technological revolution. The first was the agricultural revolution and the second the Industrial Revolution. The third is the information revolution that brought the earth-shaking changes to our society and give a gorgeous brushstroke to people 's colorful life. In mid-15th century, people did not have access to mobile phone and internet, they can only write letter to transmit their miss (Toulet, 1995). With the development of technology and the appearance of internet, one of the 20th century 's greatest scientific and technological inventions, we are in the information age and the knowledge is changing quickly (May, 2002:4). People can enjoy the convenient brought by technology in information. For example, people can communicate with their friends through mobile phone and internet regardless of how far away. In 2013, the number of internet users reached 3 billion (Internetworldstats, 2014). The technology that is a double sword has brought convenience to us, simultaneously has also brought privacy problems. In the first part of this essay, we will discuss the development and the definition of the information society. In second part of this essay we will consider benefits that come with the information age from economic, communication, risks recognization, politics and surveillance aspects. Moreover, the privacy problems and the
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