Critically Discuss the Importance of Work-Life Balance in the Effective Management of People at Work in Contemporary Organisations

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“Critically discuss the importance of work-life balance in the effective management of people at work in contemporary organisations.” Contemporary organisations are becoming more aware of the increasing importance of work life balance as a result of increasing workforce diversity. Work Life Balance refers to the “striking balance between work and non-work schedules” (Harish, 2013, p. 62), which has a significant impact on an organisations management process in regards to “the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently” (Balnave, 2012, p. 81). The importance of work life balance in the effective management of people at work will be …show more content…
This refers to refers to when “employment relationships are based on mutual cooperation and a harmony of interest between employers and employees” (Balnave, 2012, p.95). An example of this is demonstrated as store manager makes time available to mutually help an employee whose husband has suffered a heart attack and requests leave they are not entitled for. However due to that employees loyalty and reliability the store manager covers the employees shift (Smith 2012). The store manager effectively managed people at work, balancing the employees work/life responsibilities but significantly imbalances their own, thus creating “workplace pressures and long-hours culture” (Smith, 2012, p.679). In this case there was a system in place for the employee where the manager took responsibility and covered the shift; however there was no system in place for the manager. The impact this has on the manager has only arisen due to the absence of a planned course of action for sick leave, only mutual cooperation. This highlights the importance of work life balance but more the need for correct systems should the need to balance work and life occurs. When it comes to managing people effectively the process of controlling is not always completely in the hands of the manager. “Trade unions are an organisation of employees whose focus is the protection and negotiation
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