 Critically Evaluate Core Transactional Analysis (T.a) Concepts and Practice

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Assignment: * Critically evaluate core Transactional Analysis (T.A) concepts and practice * Assess personal and professional learning from this module. The first part of this essay starts by outlining the key concepts of T.A.; its assumptions, theory of personality and ego-states, transactions, strokes, games and the Karpman Drama Triangle, life scripts and existential life positions. It then goes onto critically evaluate core T.A. concepts and practice from the perspective of Humanistic, Cultural, Integrative and Behavioural approaches. T.A. is a Humanistic psychotherapeutic approach formulated in the 1950s by Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne who initially trained as a Freudian analyst. T.A. can be defined as ‘a systematic…show more content…
The covert, ulterior quality of this interaction is what T.A. terms a con. Stephen Karpman who devised the Karpman Drama Triangle proposes; ‘whenever people play games, they are stepping into one of three scripty roles: Persecutor, Rescuer or Victim’. (Stewart & Joines 1987:236) In the above game, the instigator starts off as the victim needing to be rescued by the advice giver but once the advice giver realises whatever advice they offer is not accepted there is then a switch and they become the victim and the instigator becomes the persecutor. At some point in every game there is always a switch in roles. In T.A. theory games always have a payoff, and are played to re-enforce the player’s life script. In the ‘yes but’ game the payoff for the instigator is the re-assurance he is right in his belief about others that no-one can help him and re-enforces his intrinsic belief about himself, that he is helpless. In T.A. the life-script is an important concept as all transactions, games, ego-states and the concepts they encompass relate to the re-enforcement of an individual’s life script. Berne defined life-script as; ‘a life plan made in childhood, reinforced by the parents, justified by subsequence events, and culminating in a chosen alternative’. (Berne 1972:446) Woollams (1977) believes the child decides upon a life script as

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