Critically Evaluate Feminist Explanations of Female Criminal Behaviour.

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Critically evaluate feminist explanations of female criminal behaviour.

The involvement of females in crime and as the committers of crime was once a rare phenomenon but in recent years a dramatic increase has been seen all over the world. In England and Wales statistics have shown between 1994 and 2006 female crimes have steadily increased and have since continued to do so (MOJ 2009). Many sociological explanations and interpretations have arisen to coincide this surge in female offending as to understand its recent development in society. This assignment will look at different feminist explanations and critically evaluate them and their value in understanding female crime.

In contemporary society women still commit less crimes than
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So rather than being criminals, in deserve of punishment, they are rather offenders in need of help and guidance who are not a danger to society as the previous statement by the Home Affairs Committee points out. This theory is called the social marginalisation theory which this assignment will discuss in greater detail later in this essay.

From the stated statistics it is clear that female criminal behaviour has changed in recent years and has risen a great deal. Denscombe (Chapman & Langley, 2010) offers an explanation for this development suggesting new changes in society that see's women becoming more like men, taking up more masculine activities, roles and opportunities that have risen out of having a more equal society which in previous decades would not have been socially accepted. This wave of risk taking behaviour and 'ladette' culture leads to further types of behaviour that often lead to arrest, e.g. binge drinking, violence. Other male adopted behaviours can lead to gang involvement were women take on a 'tomboy' role and are treated as men (Hagedorn, 1998)

In the UK females hold over half the population but yet have always played a lesser role in crime statistics. This has been a pattern seen throughout the last century with statistics, the criminal justice system and crime remaining male dominated. This
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