Critically Evaluate How the Original Special K Brand Could Have Affected Special K Cereal and Special K Bar Extensions.

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Kellogg’s is the world’s leading producer of cereal products and convenience foods with annual sales of more than £4.5 million. Its products are manufactured in 19 countries worldwide and sold in more than 180 countries.

Special K is one of the well-established brands among Kellogg’s brand category and was viewed as a stand-alone product. But, Kellogg’s had not created any variants or brand extensions to develop the core product. Kellogg’s recognised that it’s time to stretch the brand to not only keep original core product, Special K, strong but also grow the brand as a whole. They did a lot on marketing research, tasty research and quantitative research before they launched Special K cereal and Special K bars. Soon Kellogg’s came to
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These psychological aspects would affect customers behaviour when they choose cereal products, a loyal customer of Special K would not reject Special K extensions and normally they would like to try the new flavour of their favourite brand.

Negative effect in short term

Generally speaking original Special K positively affected Special K cereal and Special K bars, but it also showed negative effect, and the negative effect from original Special K was more obvious on Special K bars than on Special K cereal.

Special K bars’ was designed as a healthy snack, and the target customers are both users and non-users of existing Special K. However, the brand as Special K that is usually equivalent to healthy breakfast may be the first impression in customers’ mind, which could have affected the sale of Special K bars at the beginning.

But in the other hand, research shows a changing demand of customers, i.e. women who are keen to watch their weight and keep fit seek a range of solution throughout the day, but not just at breakfast. In addition, it is women who do the most of family shopping and care for the whole family’s healthy eating. In fact this is a good opportunity to grow brand scope.

By the support of promotions like TV advertising, free trying, the existing Special K customers would break the opinion that Special K only service healthy breakfast, and realise that it applies healthy

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