Critically Examine The Way In Which The Media Represents

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Critically examine the way in which the media represents victims of crime.
This essay will delve into the true meaning of crime in the media as well as explain some of the concepts and different views people obtain from watching the news, are the news doing a good job at telling us what is happening in our world ? People have a right to know what is happening in their society especially if it’s too do with criminals and changes to society. The same goes to the victims of crime. It can be argued that the media do not really do an impressive job of telling us the story of victims of crime, people who have actually had a traumatic real life experienve, sometimes the media just tell us what we want to hear in order for individuals within
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Cohen did qualitative research and gathered evidence from interviews with people who lived in Clacton. He also gathered information from people associated in the 2 groups. He was able to prove that the media were in fact over reacting and making the situation worse the police revealed that assault wasn’t really the big issue it was more threatening behavior.
The way the media portrayed this article is inappropriate because they are using words like “an orgy of mindless wanton murderous violence.” As an idiom which is unnecessary if you are only going to tell the public what happened. Here the, media is exposing their cruelty and showing how they, the media can manipulate people and even inflict fear around the country. This influenced our understanding of crime to think if we were really safe or not.
When looking at the treatment of offenders, it is present that there is a lot of rehabilitation used in the treatment of offenders this is done so that the criminals can fit back into society and give them the skills they need to continue with their lives after they leave prison. The first technique to look at would be behaviour modification, this is where the criminals will have their behaviour changed and reinforced, this could be positively or negatively depending on their behaviour. This is where the token economy comes in tokens don’t serve as a
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