Critically Examining And Understanding Difference

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Your paper should cover the following:
Critically examining and understanding difference
Demographics and key features of the particular group in Australian society (What information do I need to know about this group?)
Historical and current day perspectives, policies and practices affecting this group (What has changed over the years in relation to this group? What are key contemporary issues?)
Central beliefs, views and perspectives (if relevant) (What are the key characteristics, i.e., what differentiates this group from others?)

Potential issues of contention or challenges for this group in relation to Australian systems (What are the major issues faced in terms of for example, health, welfare, education, housing, law, income support?), and perceptions of responsibility and obligation (such as the role of the government and human services practice) in relation to this group.
Working across difference
Key theoretical frameworks/approaches and research for working/intervening or engaging with this group – cover specific and relevant theoretical frameworks/ approaches to this group. You need to cover what knowledge and skills you would employ (this could cover engagement, relationship building, particular interventions etc, for example, you could employ a strenghts-based approach).
Implications for policy, resourcing and practice (What needs improving or challenging in the current context?)
Personal and professional challenges for you as a human services or social worker…
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