Critically Reflect on the Principles Care , How It Impact on Professional Practice?, Relating to Nursing Pratice.

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In this essay, I will define some terms and critically review key elements, principles and Holistic approaches in Palliative care in the process relate them to my practice as a generalist nurse in a hospital setting, its impact on palliative care, and finally discuss on findings and recommendations to my practices.
Palliative care is one of the most sensitive specialists in nursing today. Hence the guidance published in nursing times [2012]recommends that trusts draws up a plan to raise awareness of end of life issues in all wards as to improve rapid discharge process for patients who choose to die at home, as it is becoming common nowadays for end of life to occur within the hospital settings [Main, 2002]. The National Institute for
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Good communication is the key element to psychological holistic approach that enables me as a nurse to recognize that illness is a common time of emotional and spiritual crisis, which in tunes helps patient to voice concerns. According to nursing and midwifery Competencies for entry to the register. Adult nursing[2008],
“All nurses must use the full range of communication methods, including verbal, non-verbal and written, to acquire, interpret and record their knowledge and understanding of people’s needs”..........
Communication in my practice has helped me to have good professional relationship with my patients, to know what, how the patients and relative feels about their illness. I make use of every encounter no matter how brief to establish relationship and promote my caring needs through various communication skills whether verbal or non-verbal skills like eye contact, empathy, or active listen which create open atmosphere and establish trust between patient, relatives, and myself. This is why Ferrand et al [2008] identifies nurses as the hub of end of life care as we are in a unique position to interact with the patient, family and the physicians as we nurses spend more time with the patient than any other professionals. When I am with a patient, I make sure I am see as been there for the patient not just

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