Criticism In Dorian Shelley's The Player And Dorian Gray

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Monika and Lord Henry are the opposite of The Player and Dorian Gray, driving the plot to fit their intention of changing the protagonist to fit some ideology. Their archetype is the Puppet Master, exerting control by manipulating others. Without Monika’s “epiphany” (Team Salvato) in realizing that she is just a side character, but wanting more, or Lord Henry fascination of Dorian Gray’s aura of innocence, the plot of the stories would be quite dull and would not have been notable pieces of rhetoric. When sharing poems in the “day” part of Doki Doki Literature Club, Monika states that her writing has changed, telling The Player “You can say I kind of had a sort of epiphany lately.” She later adds a file into the game files that say “I did not do anything dangerous… All I did was untie the knot” (Team Salvato). Monika has a mentality that the other character’s actions are their own, and that she is not at fault for the events resulting of her influence. This mentality directly correlates with Lord Henry’s idea of Dorian’s change in expression after he shared his intense views of vanity and life. Lord Henry observes “He [Lord Henry] was amazed at the sudden impression that his words had produced… He had merely shot an arrow into the air. Had it hit the mark? How fascinating the lad was!” (Wilde, 22). Though Oscar Wilde quickly hints that there is something deeper to his novel by writing the reader as omnipotent, Team Salvato preferred to make the reader a character. The team subtlety hints that there is something strange occurring in the game, saving their big reveal that Monika is the Puppet Master until the “Good Ending.” This difference shows another aspect of how archetypes have withstood time, the ability to adapt to what the author needs out of the archetype. Oscar Wilde wanted his audience to know who was the Puppet Master from the start of the novel to set his novel apart from other Victorian-era novels; on the other hand, Team Salvato used the Puppet Master archetype to first seem like a standard dating simulator until the ending, shocking The Player more than if they revealed Monika’s intentions in the beginning of the game. The archetype stays true to role they play as- manipulation of other

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