Criticism In Salvador Dalli's The Temptation Of Bel Dali

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In 1946 Salvador Dali, a spanish surrealist artist painted The Temptation of St Anthony in the matter of a few short days in the studio that he stayed in next to the Colony Restaurant in New York. Dali made this piece after he was invited to enter in a contest for the painting to be used in a film called The Private Affairs of Bel Ami. Unfortunately he did not win, this was the only contest he’s ever entered. The painting is now located in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Dali used oil on a 47 x 35 inch canvas to create this piece. It was created in what was commonly known as the “classical period” or “Dali Renaissance”. This painting features St Anthony kneeling in the left corner of a barren desert under a blue sky. He holds out a cross out with his right hand while leaning back on a rock with his left hand, a human skull lying near his foot. In front of him a strong, white horse bucks onto its hind legs, behind the horse is a parade of elephants carrying things representing temptation. The animals all have very long exaggerated legs, the elephants carry two nude female figures, one is a statue and one is in an extravagant building, they also carry an obelisk and a vertical tower. Lastly there appears to be a city of some sort in the approaching clouds to the left, along with a mountain landscape in the background. Dali uses line prominently throughout this piece, starting with the strong straight horizon line in the background. He also uses it with the crooked

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