Criticism In The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

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Margaret Atwood has a distinctive aptitude of concealing her great beliefs into her text. She has an amazing ability to manipulate the human readiness to believe and a tendency to take them on an unrestrained exploration. She takes time of her normal duties to read as writing is her lifetime career and write poems, write movies and hang out with other readers and writers of books. The Handmaids tale is one of her great works, most interesting book she has written and one of the world’s great acts which talks about how women are disrespected and not seen as important class in the society. The book unfolds how religion now rules the world and stresses on the two main classes of people in the society. Margaret Atwood strongly states that her book is not feminist literature but Marxist but there are both concepts present in the book which I will like to analyse. The handmaid’s tale was analysed and Margaret Atwood portrays that in this book, the value of a product can be accurately measured by the average number of work hours which is needed to produce that product. THE HANDMAIDS TALE SAYS THAT ONE OF THE MANY DEPRESSING ASPECTS OF THE BOOK IS THAT THE WOMEN WHO ARE SUBJECTED TO
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In chapter seven of the handmaid’s tale Offred Natasha contemplates these two words lay and lie and she says the word lay is informal and was a term used to describe sexual relations or ways to perform sexual actions and an example was that men used to say I will like to get laid although they at times say I will like to lay her, men considered it very reasonable and the desire to get laid meant sex as not an act of love of for procreation but rather an act for the purpose of having fun or source of pleasure and this was strongly described as objectification of women by men in the community of Gilead by Margaret Atwood.(The handmaids tale chapter
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