Criticism Of Brave New World

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84 years ago, Aldous Huxley wrote a dystopian fictional novel called Brave new world.

The dystopian society of the brave new world is based on three principles; Community,

Identity, and Stability. In this world, everything is idyllic both socially and economically.

In fact, even human belonging to this society are produced artificially and consumed

according to economic necessities. Misery and suffering are defunct in this world.

However, the novel discusses that perfect world is a destruction of nature. Today, after

84 years, we could analogies to what extent Huxley’s dystopia resembles our society, in

social and economic terms. Through that analysis, possibly introduce a solution to

prevent our world from becoming a brave new world.
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Hypnopaedia (Sleep-Teaching) is a process used to condition people's

mentality and indirectly hypnotize to get dominance over people. People are also

conditioned to consume more, for example, "Every man, woman and child compelled to

consume so much a year. In the interests of industry. The sole result …”(page 42), one of

the phrases that is repeatedly taught to children. Furthermore, "It was decided to abolish

the love of nature," (page 18), clarifies that people are conditioned to dislike nature,

nature has a little value to them and they consume it for urbanization. All pastimes of

the brave new world people are well-planned economic strategies. For example, the use

of the games, “in Our Ford’s day, games involved no more than a ball or two, a few sticks,

and maybe a net. Such simple apparatus did nothing to increase consumption” (page 25),

this signifies that their major aim is to improve the economy in one way or another.

In our world deforestation rate is getting higher day by day. In fact, the rate of

deforestation equals to loss of 20 football fields every minute. Conjointly
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Materialism is increasing and we seek pleasure through

accomplishing our materialistic needs, for example, people squander useful technology

just because a new version of it has came out. Today game consoles, which are an

expensive gadget, have replaced sports. Likewise in the brave new world they used

complex machines in games to increase consumption.

Decidedly this world is heading toward extreme materialism. As people of the world

state have been conditioned to consume more likewise, we are conditioned through

economic strategies such as planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence. Planned

obsolescence mean things are designed for dumb. Perceived obsolescence is a strategy,

which encourages us to squander useful things and buy new ones. We have a

materialistic mindset, thus, this clarifies that our economic trends resembles the

economic trends of the brave new world.

In the brave new world Family, siblings, cousins and friends are considered disgusting.

Chapter 7-8 talks about the plan made by Bernard who wishes to embarrass the

Director by exposing him as John’s father, thus, this illustrates that it is considered

shameful to be a parent. Moreover, in the brave new it is shameful to be with one
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