Criticism Of Confucianism In Removing Blinders By Xunzi

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In Xunzi’s Removing Blinders, Xunzi provides an argument defending Confucianism and discrediting other classical Chinese ideas. After reading Xunzi and reflecting on his ideas, I made connections to my own experiences at a summer camp a few years ago.
Xunzi emphasizes how obsessions can cause chaos and the importance of keeping a clear mind in order to stay on the path to becoming human (dao: a way that Confucians follow throughout their lives to conduct themselves properly in their various relationships). In talking about obsessions, which Xunzi calls “blinders,” Xunzi provides examples of various figures pursuing “little daos” (parts of the one true dao that if solely pursued, cause chaos). Xunzi criticizes other philosophical thinkers and
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But these masters of the side roads looked from their perspectives upon only a single facet of the Dao … And as they did so, they plunged into deeper chaos in their own minds” (Xunzi 43-44). Xunzi believes that if one does not embody all of dao, their little dao will distract them, causing them a life of disorder. However, Xunzi does not discredit the other views of dao. Xunzi uses the word “facet,” and in doing so, acknowledges that each of the little daos is part of the one true dao. Therefore, Xunzi is arguing that one must look at dao as a whole and not get caught up in the smaller parts of it. Xunzi also discusses how a clear mind plays into following dao. In talking about how to keep the mind in a state of “emptiness,” Xunzi encourages “not allowing that which is stored up in the mind to interfere with what the mind newly receives” (Xunzi 45). By saying not to use what one already in new events, Xunzi values an open mind. Additionally, by taking in everything as a new interaction, one can go about life in a…show more content…
It was a weeklong camp with the goal of completing a challenge in teams. The challenge was to build a large version of the game battleship which meant building a ship and something to launch bean bags with. Immediately, I began drawing up sketches for a projectile launcher and eagerly shared them with my team. However, I was not the only one with ideas, and quickly, others drafted up a plan much different from mine. Naturally, I was attached to my own idea, and when I was presented with the other design, I dismissed their idea. Instead of looking at what the design had done correctly, I immediately sought to discover everything that was wrong with it. Proceeding to list the problems, the group started to shut me down frustrating me further. Throughout the project, I continued to have a closed mind and to obsess over my ideas. Looking back on my actions, I think Xunzi would have been disapproving. By becoming incredibly focused on my own idea, I was “blinded.” I failed to consider the other ideas, the other daos. I lost sight of the big picture, the experience itself. Additionally, I failed to keep an open mind by letting my own ideas affect my perception of others’. Because I was obsessed, close minded, and generally selfish, Xunzi would say I was not following dao. Due to my my actions, it did not take long for my team to become
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