Criticism Of Dens Diderot

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“Encyclopedia. This word means the interrelation of all knowledge; it is made up of the Greek prefix en, in, and the nouns kyklos, circle, and paideia, instruction, science, knowledge.” In today’s world the simple word of encyclopedia doesn’t elicit any strong feelings or produce an order for censoring by the government, correct? However, when it was first published in 1751 the Encyclopedia did just that. It was a radical multi-volume body of work that provoked a range of emotions to include being described by some as enlightenment and by others as threatening. This revolutionary and voluminous text was written and edited by Denis Diderot and numerous other collaborators over many years. With this work, these individuals were challenging the status quo of the state and the Church during that time period. Amid so much controversy and continued opposition, Diderot wrote an article in 1755 aptly named “Encyclopedia” to expand upon the goals of the enormous project. Its objective best explained by Diderot as, “All things must be examined, debated, investigated without exception and without regard for anyone’s feelings.” First, a look at one of the most influential editors of the Encyclopedia and prominent author of “Encyclopedia”, Denis Diderot. A French philosopher, writer, and art critic of the Age of Enlightenment, Denis Diderot was born in 1713. He was a prominent representative of the Enlightenment movement, the 18th century movement that was based on the belief that
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