Criticism Of Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa (aka St.Teresa of calcutta), Anne Frank, Malala Yousafzai, Phoolan Devi. Who are these people? They are people who have made decisions and have been judged for them. These women were lead to help others, but they faced public scrutiny for what they for the way it has been done and perceived by other people. They all made some sort of sacrifice for these beliefs and actions. Some have experienced physical pain some emotional and some after life. A brief mention of other significant women from these womens region that are similar or different or whose work could have helped them. Throughout this essay you will read these moments, their realities and see the strength one can have and how that makes religions similar. Mother Teresa was a very beloved women throughout her life but after her death she seemed too faced scrutiny, more or less it was directed at the Catholic Church. Nineteen years after her death it was announced that she in fact had a second miracle and would become a saint. Mother Teresa was a very dedicated Catholic she had finished all of her sacraments by the age of six. This is what lead to the the criticism, people thought that she wasn't the cause for the survival of a man who was dying. People also believe that all of the hard work she did throughout her life was done for the tvs and to be praised not for the wellbeing of the people she helped. She would offer prayer when a natural disaster would happen and people would think it was
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