Criticism of Benchmarking

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Criticisms of Benchmarking Despite all of the positive recommendations for benchmarking cited, there are critics of the benchmarking proces. Wolverton (1994) states that benchmarking, as a cornerstone of CQI, is based only on current information, and may not give us the freedom and flexibility to see the future. In addition, Wolverton adds that this focus may relegate us to the role of follower, instead of leader. In writing about a related quality improvement technique, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Hammer and Champy (1993) add that: The problem with benchmarking is it can restrict the Reengineering team’s thinking to the framework of what is already being done in its company’s own industry. By aspiring only to be as good as the…show more content…
He believes that the costs of such analyses frequently outweigh any possible benefits, and lack strategic vision. Another colleague in Great Britain, David Kerridge, adds that the whole concept of benchmarking is foreign to the true Deming philosophy, and states that organizations do not need to know how good they are now and how they compare with others in order to make improvements (Kerridge, 1995). Although these comments are anecdotal in nature, they are useful for understanding the concerns one may hear, and have largely been addressed by the true definition of benchmarking as discussed earlier. At a recent conference of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), a workshop was offered on benchmarking and Management Education Teaching and Curriculum (Bateman, 1994). The discussion focused on how benchmarking was used for improving teaching and curriculum in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago. For purposes of discussion, the following "straw objections" to the benchmarking were offered to the workshop participants: * Euphemism for copying. * Deterrent to innovation. * Opportunity for plagiarism/industrial espionage. * Promoter of inferior tactics since not invented
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